Empress CeeCee – London Dominatrix and Female Supremacist

I am Empress CeeCee. I’m 24 years old, 5 foot 2 and have perfect size 4 feet. I have a stunning face with perfect features, a curvy body with a beautifully proportioned big round bum, hips that other women would kill for and a small waist.

Of course I’m a narcissist why wouldn’t I be? I’m wise enough to know that a woman as beautiful and superior as Myself is extremely rare and irresistible; so of course I use my looks and powerful aura to My advantage, as I should.

I take great pleasure knowing that I turn grown men into weak little bitches so effortlessly. I was created to be worshipped and obeyed by all men, including pathetic little boys like you.

Submitting to Me gives you purpose; a reason to jump out of bed every morning; a reason to work hard; a reason to live. You are here to worship Me and do all you can to make My life more enjoyable than it already is. Whether that be by contributing financially to My luxuries and living costs – why should I pay for anything when I can make you do it for Me? – or being the pathetic, spineless loser I use to entertain Myself and My friends by completing humiliating tasks.

You could even become My little bitch, performing errands and kneeling in front of Me, being used as a footrest. One way or another you WILL be of use to Me and I have no tolerance for excuses. I demand respect and get exactly what I want at all times, not only because that’s what I want, but because I deserve it.

I love all My kinky sessions and specialise in public humiliation, foot worship and sadomasochism. I am strict and sadistic but also fun and understanding. I like to be My true self and have fun in My sessions. I’m naturally dominant and have an amazing personality so there’s absolutely no need for Me to put on an act. I love to make My slaves perform ridiculous and painful tasks for My amusement – your suffering will always bring Me the greatest pleasure. 

You will follow My instructions while I look on with a smirk on My face, laughing as you make a complete fool of yourself; gradually losing more and more self control with each humiliating task, and ultimately submitting your entire body, mind and soul to Me.
You know how stupid you look but you can’t help yourself. You’re merely a weak, worthless pawn with a tiny little dick for a brain; besides, nothing in this world comes close to seeing Empress happy; even at your own expense.
I know the power My pretty little feet have over weak little boys like yourself too. I love using My perfect feet to tease My little subs; stretching My toes, crumpling up My soles and then shoving one foot deep in your throat so that you can no longer breathe. Of course, you don’t want to suffocate, but the privilege of having My foot in your throat is more than even your life’s worth. Plus, you don’t want to upset your Empress by going against My wishes, do you? There are harsh consequences for stupid little boys that can’t follow orders correctly. Believe Me, you do not want to be one of them.