Sessions & Prices

*Note that you will need to pay a deposit of 50% when booking that goes towards your session cost. I will not accept a booking without a deposit.*
Standard Foot Worship/Furniture Sessions
I’m offering you the opportunity to worship My pretty little feet as I relax on My phone, playing COD or doing whatever I feel like doing at the time, as if you’re not there. You also have the option of being a piece of furniture, such as a footstool for Me to prop My feet up on, or a chair to sit on as I watch TV.
  • £60 for 30 minutes
  • £100 per hour
Foot Worship Based BDSM
A  BDSM session tailored around foot worship.
  • £120 for 30 minutes
  • £200 per hour
BDSM Sessions
See Sessions Provided for what can be provided during My BDSM sessions (including sissification, feminisation and makeup sessions).
  • £120 for 30 minutes
  • £200 per hour
Domestic Servitude
You get the privilege of cleaning My house while I oversee you or simply relax.
  • £100 per hour with minimum supervision 
  • £200 per hour with full supervision
Public Humiliation/Public Sessions
Imagine Me taking you for a walk dressed in nothing but your doggy collar and briefs; as strangers pass by, point, stare and laugh. Or maybe you kneeling in front of Me on all fours in a park or busy street, being used as a footstool as I read a book or talk on the phone with My girls. Does the thought excite you? Well public humiliation may just be your thing.
I also offer a unique, more discreet twist to the standard public humiliation session for those that still want the thrill of a public session, but are too much of a wimp to go to My extremes.
  • £120 for 30 minutes
  • £200 per hour
Cashpoint Meet/Cash Drop
You meet Me at a cashpoint and withdraw however much money I tell you to withdraw and hand it to Me, or perhaps I’ll just take your card and do it Myself.
  • £100 minimum if you are coming to my location
  • £200 minimum if I travel to your preferred location
Shopping Trips
I’m offering you the chance to follow Me around like a lost puppy as I shop for clothes, shoes and anything that takes My fancy. Of course when we get to the till, I’ll be using your card or cash to pay for My things.
  • Minimum spend £200
Financial Domination
An Empress can never have too many nice things; all paid for by you. You get to pay for My luxuries and can take on the responsibility of one or more of My bills.
  • Minimum of £100 a month
  • Adopt a monthly or weekly bill
Chastity Key Holding
Worthless little losers like you don’t deserve to cum. You are just a man and men cannot be trusted to control themselves. That’s why your tiny little maggot will be locked up in a chastity device, disabling you from masturbating and will not be released until I decide so. I, alone, will keep your chastity device key.
  • £50 per week – one month minimum
  • £150 early release fee
  • £3 per minute

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